Is Behind the Meter (BMG) Generation right for you?  We can tell you!

A Behind the Meter system ("BMG") is a defined as generation technologies that are installed before or behind the meter.  These generation projects can be eligible for "Conservation Combine Heat and Power ("CHP") initiatives under the Independent Electricity System Operators' ("IESO") incentives programs. 

CHP through the IESO's Save on Energy programs is the CHP procurement that is most active. The generators receive one time incentives based on capital expenses with a contractual commitment to produce energy over time. Contracts for load displacement, in which electricity is generated behind the customer's meter and used entirely by the customer for part or all of its own power needs.

Examples of solutions are Micro Combine Heat and Power ("mCHP") or Combine Heat and Power ("CHP"),  Its purposes are : to reduce the carbon footprint and reduce electricity costs of the building by generating electricity 'locally' from these sources.

Why Now?

With the cost of electricity rising and politicians promising to hold the line, Ontario based organizations should be looking at solutions that can either help hold the line on electricity costs or reduce them.  Behind the Meter generation is one solution. Either using mCHP" or CHP. There are a number of solutions that make sense.

But, the question is WHEN and HOW?  ORTECH can assist you there.  ORTECH has developed a phased approach to assist you in determining if your facility is an ideal candidate.

Step 1: Initial Screening Assessment: This screening assessment will determine if either a CHP solution will benefit your company. Net gain equates reducing the cost of energy.

Step 2: Feasibility Study:  This study will identify the high-level solution (type), benefits, costs and process to setup the ideal solution.

Step 3: Solution Development:  Identify options for the selected solution and develop an implementation plan for your facility and provide implementation project management until the system is operational.


ORTECH completely understands all facets of development phases including design, construction and operation, as well as the risks associated with each phase.  We know how to get tasks done in Ontario from legal, contracts, financing, permitting and resource assessments, and we know the industry players and the political landscape.  Our provincial content is 100%, with all employees and offices located in Ontario including those of our subcontractors.  ORTECH is committed to Ontario, with all of our offices and most of our clients located or operating in the province. 

ORTECH has much experience in the Ontario electricity market.  ORTECH has assisted many renewable energy developers and traditional/non-traditional energy developers with various IESO RFPs, Feed in Tariff or Non Utility Generator contracts. 

Consulting in the Ontario electricity market is a challenge, both in terms of Ontario’s continuing evolution of its electricity industry and in terms of the shifts in the traditional analysis of the energy markets.  Through a series of unique systemic challenges and political changes, the Ontario market has become the most unique in the world, having both regulated and competitively-determined market components.  Additionally, the current provincial government administration has implemented policies and programs favouring both energy conservation and the further development of renewable energy supplies and has created sometimes confusing methodologies for transferring these costs onto Ontario’s electricity ratepayers. 

For more information, please contact Ka Ming Lin at the coordinates listed on this page.