How will Ontario Implement a Cap and Trade System?

This is one of the common questions our clients are asking ORTECH these days.  In the absence of a draft regulatory framework, the discussion quickly turns to speculation as to whether Ontario’s Cap and Trade System will mimic that of Quebec, California, European Union Countries for a “made in Ontario” approach.

ORTECH is engaged with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) and is closely following these developments with anticipation that the Ministry will expedite development of the regulatory framework.

FACT:  Critical information required to make informed business decisions is currently under development specifically:

  •  What emissions will be covered or included?
  •  How will allowances be allocated?
  •  What will be the cost to purchase or sell eligible Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Credits?
  •  What will the initial Cap be?
  •  What will the rate of decline be in the Cap?
  • What projects will be recognized as offsets? (if offsets are included)
  • Will facilities be rewarded for early action?

What Can ORTECH Do For You?

ORTECH can assist you in reviewing your current GHG inventory (current and future) and develop a list of recommended actions to improve accuracy, reliability and documentation.  For facilities which have implemented early actions ORTECH can review this information to quantify and document these results.  ORTECH has extensive experience in natural gas heating valve and GHG species, analysis, source measurement, predictive emission modelling and data acquisition systems to assist with accurately quantifying GHG emissions from your facility.