October 20, 2016: Energy Matters: Climate

- Pollution exposure may be more unequally distributed than income in the US. 

- Courtesy of Bloomberg Philanthropies, AECom, and CDP, AES Members have access to "It Takes A City; The Case For Collaborative Climate Action," a report on cities that collaborate with companies, investors, and regional governments to mitigate the impact of climate change.

 - A top-secret US military project from the Cold War and the toxic waste it conceals, which was thought to have been buried forever beneath the Greenland icecap, is now visible due to rising temperatures and melting ice.

 - About one gigaton of greenhouse gas emissions comes from man-made reservoirs - about 1.3 percent of the global total.

 - Top 3 emitters of toxic air emissions (by company, in million pounds released in 2014):
1. Basin Electric Power Cooperative, in Beulah, ND (19.8).
2. Southern Company - Watson Power Plan, Gulfport, Miss. (7.5).
3. CF Industries - Donaldsonville fertilizer plant, in Donaldsonville, Louisiana (6.1).

  Top 3 emitters of greenhouse gases (by company, in million tons released in 2014):
1. Southern Company, Scherer power plant, in Juliette, Georgia (20.5).
2. Southern Company, James Miller power plant, in Quinton, Alabama (19.9).
3. Silver River Project, Navajo power plant, in Page, Arizona (17.2).

 - Data centers may be more ubiquitous than indoor grow operations for marijuana, but the latter are more energy-intensive than the former.