March 18, 2016: Energy Matters: Renewable Energy US Market

On February 18, Texas, Minnesota, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska all set records for the most wind-energy produced on a single day. Then, on February 19, all of these states set new records for wind-energy produced. (Note: Iowa leads the nation in the percentage of electricity supplied by wind energy - more than 31 percent.)

Hawaii has the most roof-top solar installations in the US, per capita - 17 percent of all customers.

Currently, the US has 11.6 GW of installed utility-scale PV; 80% of this total exceeds the minimum level of state-level Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requirements.

South Africa has opened the continent's first solar-powered airport in Western Cape George.

There are about 1 million electric vehicles in the world today, but in the next two years, Tesla and Chevy will be selling electric cars that have a range of more than 200 miles; Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan and BMW have invested billions in electric vehicles, while Apple and Google continue to work on the next generation of plug-in cars. On the other hand, OPEC projects that electric vehicles will make up just 1 percent of global car sales in 2040, and Exxon's forecasts are similar. Somebody is going to be very wrong.

NREL conducted a detailed study on the effect of investment tax credits on the development of renewable energy in the context of both declining and stable natural gas prices. The conclusion of the report ... in both scenarios, ITCs spur renewable capacity and help lower CO2 emissions from the US electricity system. AES Premium Members have access to this report.

Source:American Energy Society