New Solar PV Incentives Announced


Green Ontario Fund

The Green Ontario Fund is funded entirely through proceeds from Ontario's carbon market. Ontario's cap on the greenhouse gas pollution businesses can emit and carbon market gives flexibility to businesses and industry in terms of how they meet their obligations.

By Michael Tingle

The Green Ontario Fund announced May 1, 2018 at the Ontario Centers of Excellence Discovery 2018 conference that new incentives for Solar will start in the summer of 2018.  Green Ontario Fund will offer rebates for Solar PV and Energy Storage systems to help Ontario businesess use renewable electricity and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, rebates will be offered for Solar Thermal Air projects, which are intended to reduce natural gas consumption.

What is Solar Net Metering?


Net metering allows an electricity user to install a solar PV facility onsite to generate electricity for internal use, with any excess going to the grid for a credit on future electricity bills.   Net metering has been an option in Ontario since 2015 and is governed by Ontario Regulation (O. Reg. 541/05: Net Metering).  However, only recently has the price of electricity and the cost of installing a solar PV facility made net metering with solar PV worth considering. Some key business drivers that the Client should consider when evaluating whether net metering with solar PV makes sense now (2018) are: the risk of electricity price increases; time sensitivity for incentives; cost savings; and the company’s reputation, which will benefit from generating “green” electricity.

So what are the rebates available for Ontario Businesses?

The program provides the following incentives:

  • $0.75 per watt for commercial Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system
  • approximately $26.00 per square foot for Solar Thermal Air installations

So, what is your next step? 

First, ORTECH can assist you with the business case.  Does this make sense? How much will this system cost? How much will I save? What are the first steps?  Contact us to find out.

ORTECH has created a list of items that are recommended to initially move forward with a Solar Net Metering project.  

The initial tasks include:

  1. Pre-Assessment with the Local distribution company;
  2. Development of a financial model;
  3. Preliminary Solar panel layouts;
  4. Preliminary Electrical design;
  5. Preliminary estimate of Energy outputs;
  6. Structural verification of the facility;
  7. Complete and submit an application for a Connection Impact Assessments to your local distribution company;

If you are interested in seeing if a solar PV system would make sense for your facility, please contact ORTECH today.