Let us help you plan and build your next energy storage project!

ORTECH provides energy storage consulting services to developers, technology vendors and local distribution companies by developing energy storage projects in Ontario and across Canada. ORTECH has a detailed understanding of the market drivers concerning energy storage in Canada.

A summary of our experience:

  • 6 years of experience in Ontario,
  • Knowledge of electrochemical batteries (solid state and flow batteries), compressed air, hydrogen electrolyzers, and flywheels,
  • Founding member of Energy Storage Ontario,
  • Permitting knowledge for both Renewable Energy plants and Industrial facilities (potential storage site), and
  • "Engineers that Speak Finance".

ORTECH has experience with a wide range of storage technologies in Ontario and understands and appreciates that each technology has its own characteristics and potential uses. Energy Storage is on the verge of exploding in the energy industry. ORTECH feels that there are great opportunities for consulting and engineering companies to help match solution providers with applications and potential users.

ORTECH provides due diligence review services for energy storage technologies.  While the detailed scope of this review depends on the stage of development of the technology, it generally consists of reviewing technical reports and witnessing of tests conducted on demonstration models.  A high-level fatal flaw analysis of these technologies including consideration of permitting issues, market rules and structure.

ORTECH has conducted reviews of the following energy storage technologies:

  • Battery,
  • Hydrogen Electrolyser;
  • Flywheel;
  • Subterranean Compressed Air; and
  • Underwater Compressed Air.

Understanding of the Market:

Energy storage technology has advanced significantly in recent years and is now seeing adoption for use in building as well as utility scale applications such as in the recent Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) Request for Proposal (RFP) for Energy Storage.  Reliability, operating capabilities and cost for many of the storage technologies have improved.  One of the inherent advantages of energy storage systems is that they bring flexibility and can be used in a variety of applications.

A number of drivers help to provide value to energy storage solutions including but not limited to:

  • Replacement of back-up diesel generators approaching end-of-life.
  • Participation in Ontario Power Authority (IESO)/IESO programs such as Demand Response.
  • Enhanced resilience as bridging power, back-up power or in the extreme case for extended islanded operations.
  • Improved power quality for building owners and other end users.
  • Power shifting for customers on time-of-use metering.
  • Demand charge reductions through peak shaving.

ORTECH is at the forefront of this market. ORTECH can provide the following services to assist both developers and investors alike;

Other Services may include:

  • Market Assessment: What is the state of the Ontario electricity market and how would a major energy storage facility fit into the current long-term provincial power plan?
  • Site Selection: Where would the project be located? Are the sites suitable? Transmission Connection: What are the transmission constraints and where would the project connect to the grid?
  • Permitting Risk Assessment: Review the regulations and determine any issues that could impact the development process or issues that must be overcome. What is the basic permitting requirements and process both for surface and subsurface facilities?
  • Financial Analysis: ORTECH will create a preliminary financial model based on current market prices, indicative capital costs and market variables. This analysis will determine the amount of revenue that is required to make an energy storage project feasible.
  • Power Purchase Agreement/Government Policy: Is there a likelihood of a contract?  What is the current policy?
  • Other Services Related to Energy Storage: Strategic Planning, Vendor and Technology Assessments, Financial Model Development, and Project Management.


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