ORTECH has the experience to provide independent evaluation, peer review and expert witness services


We provide our clients with a comprehensive approach to air quality, environmental assessments and renewable energy development.

Most industrial firms have received complaints from various stakeholders, residents, municipalities, community groups, or government agencies. These issues need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently in order to protect your firm's reputation and avoid unnecessary fines or plant closures.

We deliver ready access to a multi-disciplinary team of air compliance & testing and renewable energy experts, providing reviews of technical and environmental issues.

ORTECH has vast experience in providing services that can help identify the issues that complaints are based on, and provide science based evidence or solutions to remedy the situation.


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I want “something” reviewed by an expert. ORTECH can help.

Increasingly complex scientific and technical environmental studies are relied upon by regulatory agencies to make important decisions relating to development, land use, and permitting. Accordingly, it is of critical importance for stakeholders to have confidence in the accuracy and completeness these reports.

An ORTECH Peer review brings our 50 plus years of experience to the table to help:

  • Developers have faith that due diligence was used in the assessment of their proposed projects,
  • First Nations ensure that their consultation response provides the comments and concerns needed to protect their interests,
  • Municipalities ensure that effects on public health or potential nuisances associated with a project have been assessed properly, and
  • Land Owners understand the implications of a development on the potential future uses of their properties.

If you need to review an environmental assessment to ensure significant effects and other impacts were considered properly, but do not have the in-house expertise, or simply do not have the time, ORTECH is here to help.

ORTECH’s experts are qualified to perform peer reviews on any study or report associated with an Environmental Assessment (EA), including consultation reports and baseline characterization and impact studies. ORTECH can also assist you in preparing a Part II Order (PIIO) Request/Elevation Request based on proper, science based rationale, if you are a stakeholder in a proposed project subject to an Environmental Assessment (EA) and feel your concerns have not been addressed adequately.


Need an Air Quality Expert? ORTECH can help.

ORTECH applies years of experience in ambient air quality monitoring, compliance and permitting, emission testing, odour assessment and related services to provide comprehensive science based land use planning and trial, hearing and tribunal support services.

ORTECH land use clients have included industries, developers, interveners and municipal clients.

Odour Assessment Services

ORTECH has extensive experience in providing expert witnesses and support services at trials and hearings which involve odour issues. Expert testimony was given at a criminal trial in Ontario of a company which discharged odorous emissions from a fiberboard plant and at a Normal Farm Practices Protection Board hearing into complaints from neighbours about a mushroom facility. Another example was the expert testimony given before an Ontario Municipal Board ("OMB") hearing for an application to install a truck plaza and the potential effect of odours on the neighbourhood.

Air Pollution Assessment Services

ORTECH has experience to provide expert and factual testimony for trials, hearings and tribunals which involve the measurement and assessment of air emissions. An example is the expert testimony which was given before an Ontario Environmental Appeal Board tribunal involving complex emissions from a cement plant which included emission data which ORTECH measured at the plant.

Trials, Hearings and Tribunal Support Services

The senior ORTECH professionals are proud of their record of providing sound technical advice to industrial, development and municipal clients for trials, hearings and tribunals. Related technical assistance ranges from clear layperson explanations of technical issues through report writing, peer review, negotiation support, testimony and focused contributions to cross examination.

Samples of ORTECH projects include;

  • assisted in arbitration between a seller and buyer to assess the competency of a proposed control program to achieve air compliance;
  • provide testimony at an OMB hearing on behalf of industry attempting to avoid encroachment of a residential development;
  • provided testimony at an OMB hearing that was successful in avoiding encroachment on an industry with odourous emissions;
  • provided technical assistance to several developers by challenging nearby industries to clearly demonstrate the reasons for their concern over new residential development; and
  • provided technical support to an industry that was charged by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change with several air related offensives and negotiated a settlement after significant court time.

ORTECH provides a comprehensive range of other services that complement our trials, hearings and tribunal support activities.

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