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Angela Nolan, Source Sampling Specialist, Emission Testing, QSTI

Contact Information:

Email: anolan@ortech.ca
Phone: 905 822 4120


  • Environmental Technology,  Fanshawe College of Applied Science and Technology, London, ON

Profile: Areas of Expertise:

Ms. Nolan has worked in the area of emissions testing since 2011, participating in environmental emission measurement projects for regulatory compliance, and for engineering and process optimization.  She has undertaken roles for numerous air emission testing programs, odour surveys, and analysis of gas samples by gas chromatography.

  • Compliance testing specializing in reference test methods for volatile organics, semi-volatile organics, acid gases, particulates and inorganics.
  • Sample recovery, analysis and evaluation of collected field samples.Data reduction and report writing for regulatory compliance and comprehensive testing programs.
  • Analyses of natural gas, biogas, and sulfur samples using a gas chromatograph.
  • Sampling and evaluation of odour samples.