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Michael Tingle, Director, Corporate Business Development

Contact Information:

Email:     mtingle@ortech.ca
Phone:    905-822-4120 x 680
Cell:        647 287 6830


With 23 years of experience in sales and marketing, Michael has spent the last five years in the energy industry.  Michael has been heading up ORTECH’s business development department for the two years, concentrating on air quality compliance /permitting services for industrial clients and power consulting services for renewable energy clients.  Prior to joining ORTECH in September, 2009, Michael worked as a senior account executive with an energy management consulting firm.  A dedicated “early adopter”, Michaelmanages ORTECH’s website, www.ortech.ca, and is currently working as the Chief Evangelist and Head of Moderation at one of Linkedin.com’s largest energy groups,  Linked: Energy which has over 220,000 members.

Currently, assisting with Canadian Association for Surfacing Finishing website and social media accounts, Air and Waste Management Ontario Section website and twitter account, Energy Storage Ontario website and twitter account.