ORTECH understands Climate Change Regulations; It's what we do.

In 2015, Ontario released their Climate Change Strategy. This outlined Ontario’s long-term vision for reducing greenhouse gases (“GHG”) including the participation in Western Climate Initiative. Cap and Trade program limiting the amount of GHG emitting by the economy (the “Cap”), and then allows those covered by the cap to trade amount themselves (the “trade”) in a flexible and cost-effective way.  Click here for 0ur brochure.

ORTECH are specialists in preparing emission inventories for both permitting and reporting requirements with services including: 

  • GHG Reporting: Preparation for both Ontario and Federal reporting requirements.
  • Cap and Trade Verification Support: Assistance in preparing for the emission verification process.
  • GHG Credit and Allowance Measurement: GHG Emission Credit Testing
  • GHG Emission Credit Measurement:
  • Compare actual Emission to government limited amounts.
  • Performance Testing:  Assessing the effectiveness of Air Pollution Control (APC) systems, and the efficiency (or performance) of gas turbines and compressors.
  • Future Projection of Emission Assessment: Forecasting Emission 3-5 years in the future to determine a strategic Emission action plan.
  • Identification and Quantification of early reduction credits: Review and assessment of past energy efficiency projects that generated a decrease in Emission.

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