June 6, 2016: Energy Matters: Climate

- Track failure was likely the cause of the Union-Pacific oil train that derailed alongside of and into the Columbia River about 70 miles east of Portland, Oregon.  

 - The Earth’s eight warmest months on record have occurred in the last eight months.

 - A cloud of secondary organic aerosols — air pollution - sits above the Alberta oil sands, an amount that often exceeds the total emissions of Canada’s largest cities. 

 - Trees in California's Sierra Nevada mountain range (pines, firs, aspen, redwoods, etc.) are shifting to higher elevations in search of cooler temperatures. Coral species in the Great Barrier Reef are moving to deeper waters to try to avoid mass bleaching and die-out.  

 - In recent years, in the Southern Louisiana archipelego, the Isle de Jean Charles Band of the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Tribe has lost 98 percent of its land to the rising Gulf waters. Of the 22,400-acre island, only a 320-acre strip remains. The US HUD is giving the tribe $48 million to relocate.

 - The UN’s flagship Green Climate Fund will miss its target to approve $2.5 billion of new projects because there haven't been enough applications submitted.


 Courtesty of The American Energy Society and Eric Vettel.