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Odour is a tricky issue. ORTECH's odour division strives to assist our clients with:

  • Real advice for actual scenarios,
  • Validating a complaint and fixing the issue, and
  • Using a formal approach: Identify-Analyze-Solve, quickly.

With the New Environmental Activity and Sector Registry ("EASR") you will be required to develop an Odour Management Plan.  In some cases, an Best Management Practices Plan ("BMPP") for odour and an Odour Control Report may also be required.   Below describes the process in more detail.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Odour Management Plans:

Regulation 1/17 of the Ontario Environmental Protection Act allows many low risk facilities to operate under the EASR instead of under an Environmental Compliance Approval ("ECA"). Facilities which are registering under the EASR must prepare an Emission Summary and Dispersion Modelling ("ESDM") Report. Other required reports include a Noise Report and an Odour Screening Report.

The Odour Screening Report involves the determination of the primary North American Industry Classification System ("NAICS") code for the facility and calculating the setback distance from the source of odour emissions to the closest point of odour reception beyond the facility property.  This distance is compared with the minimum distances which are provided for each type of NAICS facility and may differ for each type of facility. Many types of receptors are defined but they are generally places where people live, work, visit or may otherwise be present, but does not include all types of receptors.

If applicable, a BMPP for odour and an Odour Control Report may also be required for facilities whose operations are defined by the NAICS code. A BMPP is required if the Odour Screening Report shows that there in an insufficient setback distance between an odour emission source and the closest point of odour reception.

For each source of odour emissions from a facility, including fugitive sources, the BMPP must identify potential reasons why the odour emissions may increase occasionally, odour control measures already existing at the facility, procedures to ensure that the control measures are properly maintained, operated and monitored. The BMPP also requires that additional measures to control odours are identified and a schedule is prepared for their implementation.

For facilities with specific NAICS codes and insufficient setback distances, an Odour Control Report may be required. This report must include a list of odour control measures or process changes which are used at similar facilities with the same NAICS code in Ontario or elsewhere, determine which of those measures are technically applicable to the applicant’s facility and, if necessary, explain why the list of measures or changes may not be applicable for reducing or eliminating odour emissions from the facility. 

ORTECH has been involved in odour assessments for over forty years and is experienced in the operation and performance of air pollution control equipment for many different NAICS code operations.  Experience which ORTECH can provide for the preparation of Odour Screening Reports, BMPP Reports and Odour Control Reports includes:

  • Odour emission testing at point, area and fugitive sources in many types of NAICS code facilities
  • Odour performance evaluation of odour control equipment, such as biofilters, adsorbents, wet scrubbers, ozonation systems and ultra-violet devices
  • Emission testing for odourous compound emissions including aldehydes amines, ammonia, carboxylic acid, hydrocarbons, ketones, reduced sulphur compounds and volatile organic compounds
  • Determination of odour threshold values for specific odourous compounds which have no published values
  • Effects of processes and process changes on odour emissions
  • Atmospheric dispersion modelling for odours and odourous compounds
  • Community odour surveys and assessment of odour complaints
  • Preparation of odour testing reports, ESDM reports, ECA applications and EASR applications

ORTECH is also experienced at providing odour expert witness testimony at trials, hearings and tribunals.