ORTECH can sample odours!

Stack (Point Source) Odour Sampling

Point sources of odour emissions at a facility are defined as sources where the emissions are enclosed by stacks and vents, prior to release into the atmosphere.  Conditions in Certificates of Approval (Air) and other air permits frequently require that compliance odour testing is carried out at such sources if emissions of odour are potentially significant or the testing may be required as a result of odour complaints.

ORTECH routinely conducts point source emission testing programs for all types of sectors including rendering plants, sewage treatment plants, composting facilities, paint spray operations and the food processing industry.  For these programs, a number of odour sampling procedures are available for use depending on the characteristics of the point source emissions such as the gas temperature, the presence of moisture in the gases and the expected odour concentration.

Fugitive Source Odour Sampling

Fugitive odours are discharged from sources such as a storage pile or pond which do not have a well defined release point such as a stack or vent.  ORTECH has developed procedures for determining fugitive odour emission rates which depend on factors such as the location of sampling probes, locations and dimensions of nearby buildings and structures and the weather conditions at the time of sampling.

Emissions from fugitive sources are frequently significant and they are often overlooked when surveys of emission sources are conducted at a facility.  These fugitive sources may also include truck loading and off-loading operations, drains, windows and liquid or solid spills.  An example of a significant fugitive emission is the turning of a windrow at a composting facility.

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