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Neil Dalton,  Project Manager, Ambient Air Monitoring

Contact Information:
Email: ortech@ortechsarnia.ca
Phone: 519.336.3327

Profile: Areas of Expertise:

  • Air/Water monitoring instrumentation.

  • Environmental Gas Chromatography/FID/Mass Spectrometry.

  • Quality Control/Assurance.

  • Preparation/Analysis/Quality Control of Industrial Calibration Standards.

  • H&S Program monitoring for the Sarnia office.

  • Maintain a CALA Performance Testing Program for Sarnia office.

  • Computer software.


  • Preparation and analysis of sample media in an extensive air quality survey in the Sarnia area.

  • Organic Analytical lab management including Quality Control/Quality Assurance and maintenance of a Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer system.

  • Instrument Quality Assurance/Quality Control in a long-term Quality Program.

  • Instrument calibration, maintenance, and repair of air-monitoring instruments such as; Gas Chromatographs, Sulfur Dioxide analyzers, TEOMs, and Purge and Trap systems.

  • Preparation and delivery of Safety Meetings, safety inspections, and review of leading indicators for Safety such as; TASC cards, Near Miss Cards and Hazardous Conditions cards for ORTECH’s Sarnia office.

  • Preparation and analysis of calibration standards used by local Industries.

  • Emergency after-hours analytical work both on-site of local industry and in-house lab analysis for Spill assessment.