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Nathan VanBelois, Project Manager, Ambient Monitoring

Contact Information:
Email: ortech@ortechsarnia.ca
Phone: 519.336.3327

Profile: Areas of Expertise:

  • Air/Water monitoring instrumentation.

  • Environmental Gas Chromatography.

  • Industrial process Gas Chromatography analysis.

  • Industrial instrumentation maintenance.


  • Computer hardware installation and maintenance including Data Control Systems and databases

  • Instrument calibration, maintenance and repair (SO2, NOx, O3, TRS, PM2.5, volatile organic compounds and meteorological)

  • Setup and operation of air-monitoring equipment for in-plant, fence-line and community sampling, including use of a mobile monitoring trailer

  • Installation and maintenance of industrial instrumentation including transmitters, valves and indicators for level, pressure and temperature

  • Installation and maintenance of distributed control systems such as Honeywell TDC3000 and Honeywell/Dell Experion

  • Significant involvement in an extensive air quality survey in the Sarnia area, with specific emphasis on instrument calibration and maintenance.

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