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Accurate tracking of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is an important part of assessing Canada’s overall environmental performance. In March 2004, the Government of Canada announced the introduction of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Program (GHGRP). Click here for 0ur brochure.

Federal Regulations:

Environment Canada maintains a mandatory greenhouse gas annual reporting program. The requirement to report is formalized each year with a notice in the Canada Gazette, and the typical deadline for submitting the report is June 1 of the following year. In general, facilities are required to report emissions of greenhouse gases to Environment Canada if they release more than 50,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO2e) greenhouse gas emissions. Reporting is done online using Environment Canada’s Single Window Information Manager (SWIM) website.

ORTECH can assist your facility with:

  • Determining if reporting is required,
  • Quantifying greenhouse gas emissions including spreadsheet templates to simplify future calculations,
  • Entering data and filling in reports on the SWIM website, and
  • Preparing a documentation report.

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