ORTECH is committed to Communication, Customer Service and Outstanding Deliverables.

We help our customers solve their emission, regulatory compliance and energy challenges. Our solutions and services are tailored to meet your specific objectives. With over 40 years of leading industry experience we are ready to help you succeed.

ORTECH has two mission statements.  First, a promise to deliver. Second, provide practical advice to remove compliance off your “to-do” list.  Our client first approach means we educate you on risks related to air quality, GHG emissions, project management/project completion or renewable energy projects. 

Our experience leads to the right answer, right away with our results/reports/reviews including a path forward.  Communication is at the core of our values. We tend to over-communicate with our clients and strive to ensure our customers never have to call for a project update.

Our forty (40) years of experience has helped us develop a client engagement process, our motto is “Educate-Plan-Execute together”.  First, we Educate you on the risks, so you understand the implications of inaction vs. action.  Then, we Plan the project, so your individual needs are an integral part of the process.   Finally, we Execute our  plan and deliver the results, either through audit /emission/ testing reports, compliance applications or due diligence reviews.

Our services include independent testing, permitting, monitoring, analyzing and auditing services related to:

  • Air Quality compliance,

  • Environmental oversight,

  • GHG Emission management, and

  • Renewable Energy Project risks.

ORTECH Consulting is a division of Kontrol Energy (CSE:KNR), a leader in energy efficiency solutions and technology.

Best way to learn about us is to call or email. We would love to hear from you. We answer questions, explain processes and if we can't help you, we will point you in the right direction.