Let us design and build your solar net metering project!

What is Solar Net Metering?

Net metering allows an electricity user to install a solar PV facility onsite to generate electricity for internal use, with any excess going to the grid for a credit on future electricity bills. Net metering has been an option in Ontario since 2015 and is governed by Ontario Regulation (O. Reg. 541/05: Net Metering). However, only recently has the price of electricity and the cost of installing a solar PV facility made net metering with solar PV worth considering.

Some key business drivers that the Client should consider when evaluating whether net metering with solar PV makes sense now (2018) are:

  • the risk of electricity price increases;

  • time sensitivity for incentives; cost savings; and

  • the company’s reputation, which will benefit from generating “green” electricity.



Why Solar Net Metering, now?

The Ontario government has mandated that electrical providers, Local Distribution Companies (“LDC”) allow their customers to offset their electricity use by generating renewable energy. This is called Net-Metering. Solar prices have come down and electricity costs have risen. The point where net metering makes sense for your facility may already be here.  Let us tell you if that is the case. Even without a government incentive, there is a business case to be made for Solar Net Metering.  The chart below shows your cost of electricity for the next 30 years. You can determine your own opinion on what the prices of electricity are going to be in the future. The green light below is YOUR Solar system. 


ORTECH's Solar PV Expertise Comes From Our Consulting Experience.

ORTECH will utilize our organization’s breadth of experience. We combine different areas of expertise, from project development to operation and maintenance, providing effective solutions for the evaluation, design, installation, operation and maintenance of turnkey solar PV facilities. This will include the expertise of ORTECH’s parent company, Kontrol Energy Corp., which has extensive solar project development experience, and ORTECH’s sister company Efficiency Engineering, which has solar PV facility design and construction expertise. ORTECH has worked on over 1150 solar PV facilities in Ontario, including feasibility studies and financial analysis, technical reviews and audits, and construction management.

ORTECH's Approach to Solar Net Metering  projects:

Design, Installation and Commissioning of a Solar PV Facility:

The scope of work will include:

  • Liaison with the electrical utility to process a Net Metering contract for a solar PV facility

  • Pre-verification of Connection Capacity,

  • Prepare and submit Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) application including Single Line Diagram (SLD),

  • Structural Assessment,

  • Incentive application submittal, processing and associated assessments (if applicable),

  • Zoning verification and approval,

  • Solar PV facility roof layout design (conceptual, preliminary, detailed final),

  • Electrical engineering design (conceptual, preliminary, detailed final) with updated SLDs,

  • Structural, Mechanical and Civil engineering design (conceptual, preliminary, detailed final), as required,

  • Electricity output (PVsyst simulation based on preliminary and detailed final design),

  • Structural and Mechanical construction work, as required,

  • Supply and installation of the solar equipment including,

  • Civil construction work (trenching, concrete pads, fencing, etc., as required),

  • Testing and Commissioning,

  • Operation and Service manuals and warranty certificates, and

  • Project Management services including Client review and approval at key milestones throughout

For more information, contact Ka-Ming Lin at klin@ortech.ca