Renewable Energy Site Identification and Prospecting   

Efficient and Effective

Developers struggle with identifying land for various renewable energy projects.  There are so many variables:  RFP guidelines, land classifications, connection options and permitting risks.  That’s a lot of expertise and effort required to vet just one site.

ORTECH has a solution that allows developers to concentrate on real projects and reduces the wasted-time of investigating potential land sites.

Solution: ORTECH has a database, GIS tool and process that can identify land for your project.  This solution takes into account the IESO rules, connection points, environmental permitting risks, land classes, and amount of land needed for your project to be viable.

What you GET!  A fully vetted list of project sites that can be developed into renewable energy projects.


  1. Determine what technology you want to develop including nameplate, general location and land characteristics. This is done through a survey.

  2. ORTECH presents a licensed map to client. This high level map shows zones of Ontario that would potentially be viable for a project site.

  3. Client chooses zones of interest.

  4. Using a process of elimination, ORTECH will start to narrow down land zones where projects may work through a risk scoring method. Interconnection, land classes, environmental issues, land ownership (crown land etc)

  5. Initial project zones are presented to the client for approval.

  6. Determine project land owners.

  7. Contact Land owners.

  8. Present list of properties for acquisition.

  9. Negotiate Lease options.

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