Looking for Stack/Source/Emission testing services? 

The emission testing group at ORTECH is one of the largest and most experienced teams in Canada conducting compliance stack emission testing, continuous emission monitor relative accuracy test audits, and independent performance verification of emission control equipment.

What is Stack/Source/Emission Testing in Ontario?

Ontario regulates contaminants released to air by various sources, including local industrial and commercial facilities, to limit exposure to substances that can affect health and the environment. If your business emits any contaminants to the air, you must comply with the regulation by meeting certain standards that may apply. This may come in the form of a condition of your Environmental Compliance Approval.

Emissions Testing, Source Testing or Stack Testing, is a process for calculating the contaminants of waste gas stream emissions into the environment. Contaminants emitted into the air from these sources can be organic or inorganic, solid, liquid, or gas.  The emissions to the atmosphere from a source may contain many different elements. Emission testing follows specific methods to ensure accurate emission data.  Test methods are emission specific, sometimes industry specific and originate from a variety of sources and jurisdictions including, but not limited to:

  • U.S. EPA
  • Environment Canada
  • State Agencies
  • Provincial Agencies
  • Trade Organizations

The emission testing programs typically include:

  • The preparation of a Pre-Test Plan.
  • Liaising with the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (“MECP”), formerly Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (“MOECC”) to ensure that the Pre-Test Plan is approved.
  • Preparation and in-house calibration of the necessary sampling equipment.
  • Conducting the on-site emission testing program following the methodology detailed in the Pre-Test Plan.
  • Completing a compliance quality emission testing report for submission to the client and the MECP, if necessary.
  • Conducting air dispersion modelling, as required, using the Regulation 346 Model or advanced models including AERMOD.
  • Maintaining an emission inventory database of emission testing data.


ORTECH is uniquely qualified to execute both large scale and small testing programs because we have:

  • a large group of experienced individuals dedicated to performing testing programs;
  • extensive equipment resources which allows us to complete multiple projects simultaneously;
  • a proven track record having completed hundreds of regulator approved testing programs at facilities across Canada; and
  • a refined emission testing process developed over 40 years with extensive quality controls, and health and safety training.

For over 50 years, ORTECH Environmental has been an industry leader in technology-based environmental science and engineering services.  ORTECH takes pride in providing the highest quality services in technical consulting, problem solving, testing and evaluation with emphasis on air quality assessment and advanced computational technologies.

ORTECH has conducted many compliance emission tests with direct involvement from the MECP.  A positive relationship has been developed over the past twenty-five with the MECP.  ORTECH believes the MECP Technology Standards Section, Standards Development Branch would provide very positive feedback on ORTECH’s capabilities, experience, quality of work, resources, etc. in conducting stack testing programs.

ORTECH personnel will attend on-site safety orientation and comply with applicable safety regulations/rules.  All staff complete external safety training annually and have taken the following courses:

  • Health and Safety Due Diligence
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Confined Space Awareness
  • Fall Protection
  • SCBA
  • Lock Out Tag Out
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Annual internal training includes WHMIS and respirator fit testing

QSTI ACCREDITATION: Several of ORTECH’s field personnel have written, and passed Qualified Source Testing Individual ("QSTI") exams and are QSTI accredited.  The goal of the Source Evaluation Society ("SES") QSTI exam and abilities assessment is to determine whether the candidate demonstrates knowledge and the ability to apply source testing methods and fundamental engineering and chemistry principles in a manner consistent with that of a field test team leader.



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