Quality Matters!

Nine of ORTECH’s field personnel have written, and passed Qualified Source Testing Individual (QSTI) exams and are QSTI accredited.  The goal of the Source Evaluation Society (SES) QSTI exam and abilities assessment is to determine whether a candidate demonstrates the knowledge and the ability to apply source testing methods and fundamental engineering and chemistry principles in a manner consistent with that of a field test team leader.

The SES QSTI program is one way to satisfy the accreditation standard for organizations, and potentially new regulations, as the SES QSTI exams are designed to assess competence and a basic understanding of source testing methods.

The QSTI program is consistent with the mission of the SES to advance the applied sciences relating to source evaluation with respect to air pollution and air pollution control by:

  1. Promoting the development of concepts and techniques relating to the field;
  2. Encouraging related professional development and knowledge; and
  3. Striving to ensure the highest professional standards by its members.

The QSTI accreditation program is comprised of a series of exams; each exam successfully completed with a score of greater than 80% gives the individual the opportunity to apply for accreditation for the methods covered on that exam.  An application package must then be prepared by the individual that includes technical background, examples of competency and references.

The application package is reviewed by a SES review board to determine if the individual meets the accreditation requirements.  The methods covered under each exam are summarized below:

Group 1:       Manual Gas Volume and Flow Measurements and Isokinetic Particulate Sampling Methods
Group 1A:     Stack Gas Velocity and Flowrate Measurements (equivalent to partial Group 1 qualification)
Group 2:       Manual Gaseous Pollutants Source Sampling Methods
Group 3:       Gaseous Pollutants Instrumental Methods
Group 4:       Hazardous Metals Measurement Methods
Group 5:       Conducting Part 75 CEMS RATA (equivalent to partial Group 1 and Group 3 qualification)

The following ORTECH staff is accredited in each of the QSTI groups shown below:

  1. David Utley, QSTI accredited in Groups 1, 2, 3 & 4
  2. Tina Sanderson, QSTI accredited Groups 1 & 4
  3. Chris Belore, QSTI accredited Groups 4
  4. Thomas Timar, QSTI accredited Groups  3
  5. Jay Grollman, QSTI accredited Groups  3
  6. Dan Turton, QSTI accredited Groups 1 & 4
  7. Rob Whitten, QSTI accredited Groups 1 & 2