Does your CEMs and ECA require annual testing?   Ask ORTECH how we can help.

If your facility is required to have monitors installed to continuously measure the emissions of contaminants of concern they must be certified.  Environment Canada Report EPS 1/PG/7: “Protocols and Performance Specifications for Continuous Monitoring of Gaseous Emissions from Thermal Power Generation,” December 2005, details performance evaluations and quality control activities that must be completed throughout the year to ensure the quality of the emission data being collected and reported by your facility’s monitors.

ORTECH provides comprehensive services to our clients to ensure that they are meeting the requirements of Environment Canada Report EPS 1/PG/7 including:

  • Preparing Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manuals;
  • Managing a facility’s performance evaluation requirements to ensure that quarterly, semi-annual and annual evaluations are scheduled and conducted to meet the requirements of Environment Canada Report EPS 1/PG/7;
  • Conducting Relative Accuracy Test Audits, Flow Audits and Cylinder Gas Audits;
  • Conducting Annual Independent Inspections to ensure that the facility is meeting quality assurance objectives and identifying areas of improvement;
  • Conducting on-site training to ensure facility personnel understand the requirements of Environment Canada Report EPS 1/PG/7 and the importance of the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manual; and
  • On-going technical support to aid the facility in interpreting Environment Canada Report EPS 1/PG/7 and understanding how it applies to their facility.

ORTECH can design and coordinate a plan to ensure that your facility is meeting these requirements.  We provide annual plans to make certain all the performance evaluation requirements are met within the timeframes stated in the regulations ensuring your analyzers are recording the highest quality data possible.


ORTECH is uniquely qualified to execute both large scale and small testing programs because we have:

  • a large group of experienced individuals dedicated to performing testing programs;
  • extensive equipment resources which allows us to complete multiple projects simultaneously;
  • a proven track record having completed hundreds of regulator approved testing programs at facilities across Canada; and
  • a refined emission testing process developed over 40 years with extensive quality controls, and health and safety training.

For over 50 years, ORTECH Environmental has been an industry leader in technology-based environmental science and engineering services.  ORTECH takes pride in providing the highest quality services in technical consulting, problem solving, testing and evaluation with emphasis on air quality assessment and advanced computational technologies.

ORTECH has conducted many compliance emission tests with direct involvement from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (“MECP”), formerly Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (“MOECC”).  A positive relationship has been developed over the past twenty-five with the MECP.  ORTECH believes the MECP Technology Standards Section, Standards Development Branch would provide very positive feedback on ORTECH’s capabilities, experience, quality of work, resources, etc. in conducting stack testing programs.


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