ORTECH knows Odour Controls! 

Industrial and Commercial Odour Control Solutions

Industrial, commercial or municipal facilities use control equipment to reduce or remove unwanted odours from air.  ORTECH will assess your situation and investigate the variety of industrial, commercial and municipal odour control solutions to find the best fit.  ORTECH understand that each odour problem is unique and therefore requires a customized strategy.  We can assist in evaluating and managing the odour, whatever the cause.

ORTECH's Approach to Odour Control?

ORTECH will conduct a thorough investigation which may include field measurements and analysis to identify and quantify the cause of odour in support of the selection, design and install of odour control solutions.  ORTECH understands the components that cause odours and how to determine the correct industrial, commercial or municipal odour control solution to meet your requirements, air quality regulations, budget or other constraints.

ORTECH's Odour Control Expertise Comes From Our Consulting Experience.

ORTECH has provided odour assessment and analysis services for over 40 years to our industrial, commercial, municipal and other clients in Ontario, other Provinces, the United States and occasionally in other countries.  ORTECH has well developed procedures for the collection of odour samples or specific compounds that cause odour, evaluation of odour samples using an olfactometer as well as the conduct of community odour surveys.  Many of these developments have been presented in scientific papers and incorporated into official testing protocols recognized by provincial and international agencies.

ORTECH can provide a range of consulting and testing services related to odour control solutions including but not limited to:

  • Developing a formal odour complaint tracking and management process
  • Permitting related to air, noise, water, waste
  • Assessment of potential grants and subsidies
  • Field measurements necessary in support of solution design such as flow rate, temperature, moisture content and emission rate (odour or specific compounds that cause odour)
  • Determining the required performance (e.g. odour removal efficiency) and evaluating possible odour control options
  • Identifying and selecting vendors of odour control equipment
  • Identifying and selecting vendors for support services such as final engineering design and construction (excavation, foundations, water, electrical, instrumentation, installation, etc.)
  • Evaluating capital, construction and operating and maintenance costs
  • Overall project management from the initial analysis of an issue through conceptual and final design of the odour control solution and auxiliary equipment
  • Oversee management during construction
  • Testing of the odour control equipment to verify compliance with performance guarantees or regulatory limits

ORTECH has a long history of air quality testing and permitting in Ontario, including an industry-leading odour division.  ORTECH has been helping clients resolve odour issues for over 40 years.  We can sample, test, report on, and testify about Odours.  Procedures for the collection of odour samples, evaluation of these samples using an olfactometer and community odour surveys have been developed by ORTECH during this period.

ORTECH has a long history of helping clients resolve odour issues.  We can sample, test, report, and provide expert testimony on the topic of odour.  ORTECH strives to assist our clients with:

  • Real advice for actual scenarios,
  • Validating a complaint and fixing the issue, and
  • Using a formal approach to identify, analyze and solve an odour issue, quickly.

Our fundamental values to our clients include:

  • Industry-leading air quality testing and consulting firm,
  • Odour division with over 40 years of experience,
  • Focused on low cost-low risk solutions with a targeted approach,
  • Vendor and technology agnostic,
  • ORTECH draws from expertise across multiple industries, and
  • ORTECH provides dynamic and creative solutions that are flexible.

Overall Approach to Odour Control Solutions:

ORTECH follows a structured approach in the overall management of all solutions including odour control solutions.  For most odour clients, this includes an odour assessment in support of the identification of a range of solution options, vendor identification and selection, engineering design and construction.   A high-level overview of the typical process includes:


  • Scoping study (issues analysis, assessment, review of solution options and recommendations for next steps)
  • Business case development: high level (refined throughout the process),
  • Preliminary engineering design,
  • Detailed engineering design,
  • Solution procurement, and
  • Solution construction, commissioning and performance verification.

Our over 40 years of experience has helped us develop a client friendly engagement process based on the motto “Educate-Plan-Execute together”.

  1. First, ORTECH strives to Educate you on the risks, so you understand the implications of inaction versus action.
  2. Then, we Plan the solution ensuring your individual needs are integral to the process.
  3. Finally, we Execute the plan and deliver the results, either through implementation of a specific solution, test report, permit application or due diligence review.

If you are interested in a review of your current odour issue, please contact Michael Tingle at mtingle@ortech.ca or via phone at 905-822-4120 *680

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