Validate your Odour Sampling Results

Community Odour Surveys

To verify odour complaints from neighbors and to demonstrate there is an adverse odour effect in the vicinity of industrial, municipal or agricultural facilities, structured community odour surveys are conducted by ORTECH.  These surveys use independent, trained observers to assess any odours at both upwind and downwind locations.  These assessments usually include an evaluation of the character, hedonic tone and intensity of any odours, and may be supplemented by the collection of ambient odour samples followed by the determination of the odour threshold values using the olfactomer.

Results from these surveys are acceptable to the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change when they are investigating odour complaints and they are very useful for identifying the contributors to community odours in areas where there are multiple odour emission sources.  ORTECH can also develop an odour complaint tracking protocol to ensure complaints are recorded, verified and the appropriate actions are taken in a timely and cost effective manner.

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