ORTECH understands that our clients, staff and suppliers expect that we conduct business in a professional and responsible manner.  We are constantly enhancing policies and procedures that promote Corporate responsibility.  The following are examples of some of the ways ORTECH is achieving their goal of being a good Corporate citizen.

    • Health and Safety:  ORTECH, through a joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee, actively reviews policies and programs including compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
    • ORTECH participates in several industrial health and safety programs managed by third party providers such as PICS, BROWZ, ISNetWorld etc,
    • Policies and Procedures: ORTECH believes in a safe working environment, free of violence, harassment, corruption and bribery.  ORTECH has strong policies regarding these and other practices and regularly educates staff on policies and procedures such as Drug and Alcohol, Confidentiality and Project Management.
    • Giving Back: Over the last 5 years, ORTECH has donated 100s of unwrapped gifts to the CP24/CHUM Christmas Wish, ORTECHs’ charity of choice.

    If you have any questions regarding ORTECH's Corporate Responsibility programs, please email info@ortech.ca