Need a project reviewed? ORTECH can help!

ORTECH's environmental and renewable energy experience combines to create world class Technical due diligence expertise.  

It’s this convergence of experience and skills plus an understanding of how projects are structured and financed that sets ORTECH apart.  ORTECH’s engineers are often called “Engineers that Speak Finance”.

ORTECH can Help!

  • Expertise:
    • Solar Power
    • Energy Storage
    • Waterpower
    • Wind Power
    • Debt and Equity Investor reviews
  • Solid Reputation, Seasoned Team
  • Working for you

ORTECH’s practical experience provides its clients sound advice during all phases of a project. ORTECH is an engineering firm that understand project finance.

Project Development and Construction Services:

  • Due Diligence Services (independent engineer, power purchase agreement)
  • Financial Services (financial analysis, production forecasting, operations & maintenance planning, RFP development)
  • Mergers and Acquisition Services
  • Other Related Services (odour assessments, biomass and biogas/landfill gas analysis)
  • Planning and Permitting Services (renewable energy approvals, environmental assessments)
  • Project Management Services
  • Renewable Resource Assessment Services (wind resource, solar resource hydrology)
  • Technology Assessment Services (vendor review, engineering design, risk evaluation)

Post-Construction Operation and Maintenance Services:

  • Financial Services (financial analysis, production back casting)
  • Operations and Maintenance Planning Services (strategy, budgets, planned maintenance, parts planning)
  • Performance Optimization Services (production verification and enhancement)
  • Inspection Services (end of warranty)
  • Maintenance and Repair Services (routine, reactive, long-term service agreements)

Our philosophy is: “to be successful we must make you successful”. To achieve this, we try to see the issues through our client’s eyes and work collaboratively to solve them. We focus on maximizing project returns and minimizing project risk. For our clients we make every effort to ensure projects get permitted and built as planned. We will do everything to ensure your project is a success for you and your project team.

Investors trust ORTECH's sound advice on renewable energy projects. Our power team has planned, built and operated green generating stations. We can help mitigate risk, overcome obstacles and provide insight. Our project management and project finance skills coupled with 40 years experience in atmospheric sciences and environmental permitting make ORTECH a valuable advisor to have at your side.

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