ORTECH has experience serving as an Owner's Engineer for renewable energy projects.

The role of the Owner's Representative is to ensure that the project development and construction, including schedules, permitting, contractual relationships and the release of funds are properly managed and controlled in accordance with the relevant Project agreements. Under these services, ORTECH will report any amendments to the Project completion schedule and any material change orders for owner’s approval. ORTECH's role is to ensure that the obligations are carried out in accordance with the terms of agreement.

ORTECH will ensure your projects are developed and built on time and on budget, while identifying and managing risks.

Energy Consulting for Investors:

ORTECH provides fully independent engineering review in support of debt financing, prospectus or offering memorandum. The process ensures that the technical basis for the project is sound and that the performance assumptions about the site, the permitting status, the capital cost, the revenue expectations, the operating costs and the contractual arrangements are based on defensible data and information.

•    Independent Technical Review
•    Technical Opinion
•    Gap Analysis
•    Project Uncertainty Analysis
•    Energy Yield Verification
•    Project Economic Verification