ORTECH can assist you and your facility in applying for a new Environmental Activity Sector Registry (" EASR").

If you are looking to install new equipment, move to a new facility or taking over from someone else managing air quality permits, ORTECH can help.

ORTECH's compliance department strives to assist our clients by

  • using a simple process: Educate-Plan-Comply, together,

  • giving practical advice to remove compliance off your to-do list, and

  • developing creative solutions to costly issues.

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How to Permit your facility using Environmental Activity and Sector Registry

The Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (“MECP”), formerly Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (“MOECC”) has finalized a new regulation, requiring certain facilities to register their activities related to air and noise emissions on the province’s Environmental Activity and Sector Registry ("EASR"). The new regulation applies to all facilities which are not specifically excluded in the regulation either due to their primary activity code (NAICS code) or specified activities (i.e. processing of metal outdoors).  The requirements for the Air EASR process differ from the Environmental Compliance Approval (“ECA”) process in that review and approval from the MECP is not required.

Under the new process Facilities are required to submit an application, maintain documents and  records.  Approval and authorization is essentially granted upon registration, allowing Facilities to implement changes to  operations or start construction on new equipment installations.  This self-permitting approach is meant to improve the time it takes for industry to obtain air and noise permits.

When do I need to do this?

After December 31, 2016, if you make changes to your current emission related operations or if you install new equipment that have emissions, you must determine if your Facility is required to register for an EASR  to replace your current ECA. Note: The EASR applies to sectors deemed by the MECP to present low-risk for air and noise emissions.  For all other sectors, the former ECA Application process applies to  industries such as cement manufacturing, mining and chemical manufacturing, etc.

What are the requirements for the EASR process?

  1. Assess all emissions from the facility.

  2. Assess all substances that have no MECP limits.

  3. Assess noise and odour emissions.

  4. Develop and implement noise and odour mitigation control plans (i.e. odour control reports), if required.

  5. Develop maintenance and operational procedures, complaints and record management requirements.

How can ORTECH help?

The requirements are more involved under this process, in particular to odour assessments.  ORTECH is a leading consultant for Odour assessments in Canada. The trade-off is the significantly reduced approval time through the self-registration process of the EASR. NOTE: Most Air Quality Consultants have to outsource the Odour consulting. ORTECH has over 40 years of experience with Odour Assessments.


  1. With 30 years of Air Quality Experience in Ontario.

  2. Multi industry and application experience.

  3. ORTECH has experienced Professional Engineers ready to certify and stamp your application

  4. Odour expertise including sampling, analysis, and odour control reports.

ORTECH’s capabilities are demonstrated by our track record of successfully completing projects on-time and on-budget for a variety of industries including, but not limited to, manufacturing, cement production, petroleum refineries, smelting, incineration and energy from waste, pulp and paper production, asphalt industry and surface coating industry.

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