Emission Control Solutions for Combustion Generators!

What are Emission Control Solutions ("ECS")?

As electricity costs continue to increase, more and more high electricity use consumers are evaluating ways to generate their own power.  Often, one of the most cost-effective ways of generating electricity is to utilize existing assets such as emergency generators.  The challenge is that often these combustion generators do not meet current regulatory standards and the facility is faced with the decision to either purchase new equipment or retrofit their existing assets.  Emission Control Solutions (“ECS”) can be a cost-effective alternative to buying new generation equipment.  Diesel and natural gas combustion generators can be retrofitted with controls to reduce emissions of various pollutants to levels in line with current regulatory requirements.

How can an ECS help your business reduce emission?

Installing an ECS s may allow your combustion generator to be used for tasks other than emergency or standby generation.  Other uses could include electricity peak shaving or demand charge reduction initiatives.  However, these other uses can trigger lower regulatory emission limits for parameters such as Carbon Monoxide (“CO”), Particulate Matter (“PM”), Nitrogen Oxides (“NOx”), Total Hydrocarbons excluding methane (“NMHC”) or Sulphur Dioxide (“SO2”).   Retrofitting an asset by installing an ESC will allow these combustion generators to be permitted and repurposed for these other uses.

What is ORTECH's approach to ECS projects?

The ORTECH approach to any emission control project is to efficiently assess the situation and match the correct technology.  This approach plays to our extensive experience in emission testing, emission inventory and permitting. We understand the need to get the solution right the first time.  With over forty (40) years of air quality and permitting experience, ORTECH knows the challenges and pitfalls.  Emission data must be understood and verified and we know the government regulations to ensure the solution meets applicable emission standards. ORTECH has a long history of reporting and testing emissions from various industrial processes including combustion equipment and evaluating the performance of various emission control solutions.

No one solution covers the range of combustion generators in the market. ORTECH has built relationships with leading Canadian technology vendors and mechanical services firms.  This network allows ORTECH to provide a single point of contact for a full turnkey solution, if that is what the client requires.  This includes conceptual solution development, preliminary and detailed engineering, business case development, permitting, procurement, commissioning, performance testing and overall project management. 

ORTECH has leveraged the experience of our parent company, Kontrol Energy Corporation, to offer emission control solutions to our industrial, commercial and municipal clients.  Our fundamental values to our clients include:

  • Industry-leading air quality, emission testing and consulting firm,
  • Over 40 years of project management experience,
  • Focus on providing cost effective, dynamic and creative solutions with a targeted yet flexible approach,
  • Vendor and technology agnostic,
  • Comprehensive services across the entire Kontrol family of companies: design, engineering, permitting, procurement, commissioning, performance testing and project management,
  • Structured finance approach to the business case, and
  • Experience across multiple types of industrial, commercial and municipal facilities.

ORTECH follows a structured approach in the overall management of all our solutions including ECS for combustion generators.  For most clients, this includes an assessment in support of the identification of a range of solution options, vendor identification and selection, engineering design and construction.  A high-level overview of the typical process includes:

  • Scoping study (issues analysis, assessment, review of solution options and recommendations for next steps),
  • Business case development: high level (refined throughout the process),
  • Preliminary engineering design,
  • Detailed engineering design,
  • Solution procurement, and
  • Solution construction, commissioning and performance verification.

Our over 40 years of experience has helped us develop a client friendly engagement process based on the motto “Educate-Plan-Execute together”.

  1. First, ORTECH strives to Educate you on the risks, so you understand the implications of inaction vs action.
  2. Then, we Plan the solution ensuring your individual needs are integral to the process.
  3. Finally, we Execute our plan and deliver the results, either through implementation of a specific solution, test report, permit application or due diligence review.

If you are interested in a review of your electricity use and how your current combustion generators may help you save money, please contact Michael Tingle at mtingle@ortech.ca or via phone at 905-822-4120 x680.

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