Are you planning projects that have environmental concerns or municipal planning issues?

With all the changes in the planning legislation arena in Ontario, Land Use Planners and Developers are being forced to deal with an ever changing playing field; Green Belt, Places to Grow, Oak Ridges Morraine Act, and the Ontario Policy Statement, etc. 

ORTECH can help! We know Air Quality and Compliance Regulations in Ontario. 


  • 30+ years of experience. ORTECH's has developed a deep knowledge base of air compliance, land use and defending positions on both sides of issue.
  • Effective Diagnostic Techniques:  ORTECH can assess what the issue is and determine a solution; quickly and efficiently.
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal).  You will need someone to speak/report on the issue, ORTECH can do both, well!

ORTECH can provide technical advice on air quality issues such as:

  1. Siting assessments related to Air Quality in the D-Series guidelines,
  2. Odour assessments,
  3. Dust assessments,
  4. Expert witness or Tribunal support, and
  5. Much more.

Sample Land Use Maps:

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