ORTECH can be relied upon for comprehensive and state-of-the-art air dispersion modelling.

We have the ability to run a broad range of dispersion models and can recommend the modelling approach that would best suit your needs. 

ORTECH has extensive experience and expertise in utilizing relevant dispersion models to demonstrate regulatory compliance against current and proposed air quality standards, criteria and guidelines. ORTECH has completed odour modelling for numerous projects, including frequency of exceedence at sensitive receptors analysis and the preparation of graphs illustrating predicted odour concentrations, as required by many ECAs. 

ORTECH also has experience modelling accidental releases for a variety of industries.  Dispersion modelling can be completed to assist in assessing the on or off-site impacts of the release.

ORTECH can also assist with Combined Ambient Monitoring and Modelling ("CAMM") Analysis.  ORTECH was involved in the first two Alternate Standard applications in Ontario including the dispersion modelling for the combined monitoring and modelling analysis in support of these successful projects.  We can assist in all monitoring and modelling aspects of the combined analysis from the development and execution of monitoring plans, to the statistical analysis of the modelling results.