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The emission testing group at ORTECH has been carrying out comprehensive emission testing programs across Canada for more than 40 years, with over 150 years of cumulative stack testing experience.  ORTECH is currently one of the largest such groups in Canada, with a dedicated staff of nine people, plus additional ORTECH staff in our odour and analytical, and consulting and permitting groups with emission testing experience who can assist when required.  ORTECH also has an experienced team of engineers and scientists that provide consulting services including the preparation of ESDM reports and dispersion modelling.  Due to the depth of expertise within ORTECH, no subcontracts will be required to perform any part of the on-site emission testing program at your facility.

  • The preparation of a Pre-Test Plan.

  • Liaising with facility personnel and the MOECC, where applicable, to ensure that the Pre-Test Plan is approved.

  • Preparation and in-house calibration of the necessary sampling equipment.

  • Conducting the on-site emission testing program following the methodology detailed in the Pre-Test Plan.

  • Completing a compliance quality emission testing report for submission to the client and/or the MOECC.

  • Conducting air dispersion modelling, as required, using the Regulation 346 Model or advanced models including AERMOD.¬∑Maintaining an emission inventory database of emission testing data.

Included in each testing program is a comprehensive QA/QC program to ensure that the highest quality data is collected.  ORTECH understands the importance of quality controls and minimizing contaminant detection limits especially for compliance emission testing programs and the development of an emissions profile for contaminants of concern.


ORTECH has conducted comprehensive emission testing programs for a variety of industries including

  • cement,

  • fossil fuel power generation,

  • incineration,

  • natural gas,

  • nuclear,

  • petroleum,

  • pulp and paper production,

  • smelting,

  • steel manufacturing, and

  • various other industrial and manufacturing facilities.


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