ORTECH knows Odours.

Odour is a tricky issue.

ORTECH's odour division strives to assist our clients with:

  • Real advice for actual scenarios,
  • Validating a complaint and fixing the issue, and
  • Using a formal approach: Identify-Analyze-Solve, quickly.

ORTECH has been helping clients resolve odour issues for over 30 years.  We can sample, test, report on, and testify about Odours.  Procedures for the collection of odour samples, evaluation of these samples using an olfactometer and community odour surveys have been developed by ORTECH during this period.

Many of these developments have been presented as scientific papers and incorporated into official testing protocols recognized by provincial and international agencies.

Areas of expertise in odour include:

  1.     Odour assessment,
  2.     Odour emission sampling at point area and fugitive sources,
  3.     Odour Panel evaluations
  4.     Ambient odour surveys,
  5.     Community odour survey,
  6.     Dispersion modelling analysis to predict off site odour concentrations at sensitive receptors or possible compliant areas.

Other odour assessment services include:

  •     Compliance odour testing,
  •     Material testing (e.g. paints, packaging, automotive parts, etc. )
  •     Odour testing for claims management,
  •     Training and workshops,
  •     Dynamic olfactometry analysis of odour samples, and
  •     Odour consulting including expert testimony.



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