Validate your Odour Sampling Results

The evaluation of an odour sample collected at a source or during an ambient survey involves a determination of the odour detection threshold value and other odour parameters using an odour panel with an olfactometer.  An odour panel is a group of six or more people screened to have a “normal” level of odour sensitivity and who are trained to assess odours.  An olfactometer is a scientific device which is used to accurately dilute an odorous sample before it is presented to the panelists.

ORTECH has been using odour panels and olfactometers to evaluate odour samples for over 30 years.  The ORTECH olfactomer has been designed and is operated to give results which are superior in both accuracy and precision and can provide lower levels of detection compared with other olfactometers which are used in Ontario and elsewhere.  The ORTECH olfactomer is used for compliance testing and has also been used to screen and train Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change inspectors, to gather evidence in support of defense or prosecution of odour offences.


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