Plan/Prevent and Verify your Odour Control Equipment

Odour Control Planning and Prevention

The planning and installation of controls, such as biofilters, scrubbers and oxidizers, for the prevention of odour complaints usually requires testing to determine the odour emission parameters such as the odour concentration and flow rate of an emission source as well as emission data for specific odorous compounds.  These parameters allow the type and size of controls to be selected.  Odour complaint prevention may also include the installation of stacks to adequately disperse odour emissions or a change in procedures or a raw materials which have a lower odour release potential.  Examples would be the reformulation of paint to include solvents with lower odour threshold values or changes to packaging material to prevent residual odours on a product.

Odour Control Equipment Specification and Verification

Prior to developing specifications for odour control equipment, ORTECH will provide the required information such as flow rate parameters, odour emission data and emission data for the contaminants responsible for the odour.  Following installation of control equipment, ORTECH is approved by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to conduct compliance odour testing of the control equipment to determine that it is performing within Certificate of Approval performance limits.  The efficiency of the equipment for removing odour and odorous contaminants may also be determined.


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