I want “something” reviewed by an expert. ORTECH can help.

Increasingly complex scientific and technical environmental studies are relied upon by regulatory agencies to make important decisions relating to development, land use, and permitting. Accordingly, it is of critical importance for stakeholders to have confidence in the accuracy and completeness these reports.

An ORTECH Peer review brings our 50 plus years of experience to the table to help:

  • Developers have faith that due diligence was used in the assessment of their proposed projects,
  • First Nations ensure that their consultation response provides the comments and concerns needed to protect their interests,
  • Municipalities ensure that effects on public health or potential nuisances associated with a project have been assessed properly, and
  • Land Owners understand the implications of a development on the potential future uses of their properties.

If you need to review an environmental assessment to ensure significant effects and other impacts were considered properly, but do not have the in-house expertise, or simply do not have the time, ORTECH is here to help.

ORTECH’s experts are qualified to perform peer reviews on any study or report associated with an Environmental Assessment (EA), including consultation reports and baseline characterization and impact studies. ORTECH can also assist you in preparing a Part II Order (PIIO) Request/Elevation Request based on proper, science based rationale, if you are a stakeholder in a proposed project subject to an Environmental Assessment (EA) and feel your concerns have not been addressed adequately.