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ORTECH understands Emission Performance and Guarantee Testing!

With all the focus on Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and reduction of Greenhouse Gas ("GHG") emissions, emitters are forced to make changes to their operations. If you are looking to install new low emissions equipment to help comply with the new Ontario Climate Change plan, ORTECH can help.

Performance Testing is a general term used to describe methods of assessing the effectiveness of Air Pollution Control ("APC") systems, and the efficiency (or performance) of gas turbines and compressors.  Whether during commissioning to meet the requirements of performance guarantees, or to show compliance with Environmental Compliance Approval ("ECA") limits ORTECH can provide emission testing services related to Performance Guarantee Testing, Gas Turbine Tuning, and process optimization.  Some of the expert performance testing services ORTECH provides are as follows:

Compliance Emission Testing

Compliance emission tests are typically required to meet facility ECA requirements.  These test results provide an indication of the performance of APC systems at that specific point in time in relation to point of impingement and/or in-stack concentration limits.

Air Pollution Control Device Efficiency Testing

Emission Tests performed across an APC device (i.e.:  the inlet and outlet of a wet or dry scrubber, electrostatic precipitator, baghouse, carbon or ammonia injection system, selective catalytic reduction/oxidation system, etc.) will provide the best indication of the actual operating performance of that system under varying process conditions. Testing is also often performed across an existing control device for design and engineering of a new control system.

Gas Turbine Tuning

ORTECH can provide real-time continuous measurements of the concentrations of O2, CO, CO2, NOx, SO2, and total hydrocarbon (including non-methane hydrocarbons) while the facility tunes the turbine operating parameters in order to optimize performance.

Performance Guarantee Testing

In order to demonstrate that contractual performance requirements are met between the equipment suppliers and the facility, third party performance guarantee testing is performed.  Compliance tests may also be required to meet the facility ECA requirements.  Most often performance testing and compliance testing can be combined into a single test program providing significant cost savings to the client.

Typical test parameters include:  Continuous Emission Monitoring (O2, CO2, CO, NOx, and SO2), Total Hydrocarbons (THC), total suspended particulate matter and fine particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5 determination), acid gases and ammonia, and volumetric flow rate and moisture content determination.

All testing is conducted using reference test methods.