Managing your Service Ontario ONe-Source Account

By Terry Lam, P. Eng.  – Specialist, Compliance & Permitting

October 1, 2015

Service Ontario’s ONe-Source for business is an online service made available by the Government of Ontario to provide access to government services, forms and information.  The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) uses ONe-Source for business to facilitate registrations on the Environmental Activity and Sector Registry (EASR) and section 20.18 order requests for the inclusion of EASR activities in an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) application. A section 20.18 order request is commonly required as part of an ECA application – so the use of the ONe-Source is often required as part of a compliance & permitting project. The MOECC has also indicated that they plan to expand services delivered using ONe-Source in the future, for example, the ECA application process itself.

ONe-Source is accessed using an ONe-Key login ID.  To access the MOECC services, the ONe-Key account must be registered with MOECC. This registration process requires the provision of a business number, postal code, and legal name for verification against information on file. Only one ONe-Key account can be registered with the MOECC per business number. For business operations with several facilities in Ontario, it is especially important to keep track of the ONe-Key account information associated with the MOECC, since multiple facilities will need to use it and each facility’s ECA project could be led by different staff. Also, since ONe-Source is used for services not related to the MOECC, such as accessibility reporting requirements, a business may wish to keep all activities consolidated to a single account for convenience. If you are overseeing an ECA application project and are part of a multi-facility business, it is recommended that you coordinate with corporate or administrative staff to ensure that a record of the account is kept on file, or that access to an existing account can be arranged.

If the information for the ONe-Key account registered to your business number with the MOECC is lost, the administrative process of recovering the account can take up to several months resulting in significant days to project timelines.

Need assistance? ORTECH can help you:

  •       Assist in creating your ONe-Key account and registering it with the MOECC
  •       Register an Activity on the EASR
  •       Complete a section 20.18 order request
  •       Prepare an ECA application and supporting documentation