New Air Emission Performance Standards Proposed by Federal Government

A regulatory proposal for Mulit-Sector Air Pollutants Regulations was recently published in the Canada Gazette on June 7, 2014. The proposed regulations would apply to non-utility boilers and heaters, engines, and cement manufacturing.   These would be the first ever national air pollutant emission standards for major industries.

If passed, the proposed regulations may require your facility to be subjected to new air emissions performance standards (which may involve retrofitting existing equipment), testing requirements, reporting requirements, and in some cases, the requirement to install a continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) system. A list of facilities targeted by the proposed regulations is provided in Table 1.
The proposed regulations are available open for comment or objection until August 6, 2014. Information on how to provide comments or notice of objection is provided in the Canada Gazette.

Table 1 – Facilities Subject to Proposed Regulations

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