June 6, 2016: Energy Matters: Renewables

- Breaking news: Rumors about Apple - in Cupertino and in the media - the company is following Tesla and Nissan into the EV and/or home battery market(s).  Called "Project Titan," the company is hiring engineers, creating new software programs, exploring charging infrastructure, etc.

 - Low coal, oil and gas prices are beginning to attract investors' capital, pulling it away from long-term clean energy projects; on the other hand, oil and gas companies are shifting investments into wind and solar. For instance, Europe's biggest oil companies (Shell, Eni, Total and Statoil), reeling from losing billions in the two-year oil market rout, are intensifying their push into renewable energy for new sources of future revenue. AES Premium Members have access to the IEA report.

 - 6 KiloWatt-hours of electricity is used to refine one gallon of gasoline and drive an EV the same distance as a car using a gallon of gasoline. 

 - Google has expanded Project Sunroof, an online resource that analyzes whether a rooftop is suitable for solar panels, but it is still not available for residents of Texas, Hawaii, Rhode Island, Idaho, South Dakota, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alaska, or the District of Columbia. 

 - What state offers the most generous rebates, incentives and tax breaks to buy an EV?  Colorado.  What state is the leader in wind energy, per capita?  Iowa.

 - For the first time, renewable energy sources (excluding hydroelectricity) generated more than 10% of US electricity in a single month (March 2016), up from 7.7% in the same period a year ago and just 2.6% 10 years ago.

 Courtesty of The American Energy Society and Eric Vettel.