End of Cap and Trade in Ontario and update from Kontrol Energy

By Paul Ghezzi, CEO, Kontrol Energy.  The parent company of ORTECH Consulting Inc.

As you may be aware the new Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford, has followed through on his pledge to end Cap and Trade in Ontario. The Cap and Trade program in Ontario was essentially a defacto Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission tax on large emitters which was delivering approximately $3 Billion to the Ontario Government and being redistributed through various incentive programs.

There is no adverse impact to Kontrol with the end of the Cap and Trade program as we do not directly participate in this sector of the emission and carbon markets. Through our various operating divisions we do supply compliance services in relation to GHG emissions but this is different than Cap and Trade which is primarily focused on placing a monetary value on emissions and taxing large emitters for excess.  While we do believe there should be a price placed on the impact of emitting GHG into the atmosphere we are more aligned with incentives to drive clean energy adoption and reduction of waste in the consumption of energy.

Kontrol’s growth is being driven by the rising cost of energy, the demand for technology to better manage energy consumption and the regulatory compliance around properly monitoring and measuring GHG emissions. In our defined addressable markets, North American buildings account for up to $50 Billion in energy waste and up to 40% in GHG emissions. Combined, these markets represent annually a $60 Billion plus market opportunity for Kontrol to consolidate existing vertical competitors and to grow organically.


Kontrol Energy Corp. (CSE:KNR) (“Kontrol” or, the “Company”) delivers integrated energy efficiency solutions to a large portfolio of blue chip customers across Canada and the United States.


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