Do you need Odour Control? An Engineered Approach to Designing Cannabis Odour Control Solutions.


In Canada’s fledgling Cannabis industry it doesn’t have to be govern by rule-of-thumb when it comes to odour control solutions.  

Often, the industry practice to control Cannabis odour is to have odour control equipment vendors install systems using various rules of thumb for effectiveness.  These rules of thumb are generally based on the equipment needed per floor area of the facility, or per unit of air change, and tend more towards guesstimate than finely-tuned, results-driven performance.  While vendors know their equipment, they don’t necessarily know your facility. If every facility were the same, controlling odour in this manner would be fine; but of course they are not.  Every facility is different, and installing Cannabis odour solutions by rule of thumb can be inefficient and uneconomical.

The best approach to controlling the Cannabis odour from your site is to use the most up-to-date science to analyze the specific potential of odour emissions, and their impact on the surrounding community. Through an engineered approach, a customized solution for your facility should then be designed.

A phased approach for designing odour control solutions. 

·         Phase 1.  Is an Odour Control Solution Needed? - In Phase 1, utilize available site specific information such as size of the cannabis growing area or the intended production capacity and perform analysis based on the current best-practices to arrive at an emissions scenario that, in an ideal world, would not require odour control.

·         Phase 2.  What is the Optimal Odour Control Solution? - Based on the results in Phase 1, if the requirement for odour control is confirmed, conduct detailed analysis to present the optimal odour control options available. The ORTECH concept is don’t design a solution that eliminates 99% of the odour if that level of control is not necessary for your specific facility.   

This phased approach provides an odour control solution that is flexible in design, and that meets the level of control necessary for the specific situation.  Examining all the potential solutions and equipment options from recognized vendors for a facility’s odour control ensures the best fit for the Client.  Ultimately, you should be confident that you have selected the right odour services and control solution provider; a phased approach will help you do that.

The best Odour solution for your project; costed effectively.

Back to rules of thumb; the current one for odour solution equipment is to place three, twelve inch filters for every thousand square feet of growing space.  Using this method equipment costs can become prohibitive rather quickly.  As well, systems that are setup like this are not taking into account the facility as a whole; they can be inefficient, packing more odour control than is needed, or missing opportunities for smarter odour control.   Rules of thumb shouldn’t bind how you look at your facility; instead let scientific analysis and modelling guide your process.

Be proactive in addressing potential challenges related to odours from your facility, but be wary of paying too much for solutions that are not efficient or cost-effective.

What we’ve been up to?

In the past year, ORTECH has helped a large prospective grower submit an air quality assessment report as a part of their rezoning application for growing Cannabis.  We have also been developing an odour management plan for one of Canada’s largest Cannabis growers.  ORTECH has a long history of helping clients resolve odour issues, coupled with recent success. We would be pleased to apply this expertise in assisting with a strategy for your Cannabis facility.

ORTECH has been providing odour assessment and analysis services for over 40 years to our industrial, commercial and municipal clients.  Our experience will help us find the most cost effective and efficient solution for your project. 


Contact for any inquiries related to Cannabis Odour Solutions. We’d be happy to help!