Solutions to help you manage Air Quality, Odour, Dust, Noise, and Complaints

Nuisance issues can derail a construction project.  ORTECH specializes in construction monitoring services that monitor and manage issues that result from construction activities.

To ensure your construction project is free of nuisance issues, ORTECH provides structured services including:

  •          Air Quality Risk Identification and Mitigation:
  •          Air quality monitoring,
  •          Dust mitigation plans,
  •          Odour impact assessments, and
  •          Complaints Management.

The Air Quality Technical Services and Testing  Group maintains a focus on current and emerging air quality issues and is actively involved in providing construction monitoring solutions to infrastructure, transportation and renewable energy projects in Ontario and across Canada.

Air Quality Risk Identification and Mitigation:

  • Technical consulting, problem solving, testing and evaluation with emphasis on environmental and advanced computational technologies.

Air Quality / Dust Monitoring:

  • Design, implement and operate cost effective ambient air quality monitoring programs from small fence line studies to large air shed monitoring networks.

Noise Monitoring:

  • Design, implement and operate cost effective noise monitoring systems from procurement to monitoring to analysis with abatement solutions.

Odour Assessments:

  • Impact Assessments, Odour emission sampling at point,  area and fugitive sources,  Odour panel evaluations, ambient odour surveys,  Community odour survey, and Dispersion modelling.

Complaint Management:

  • Intake analysis with communication and conflict resolution and reporting

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