Dust Monitoring Solutions for your construction projects

If you have a dust monitoring requirement, you have come to the right site.

Since the 1950's, ORTECH has been designing, implementing and operating dust monitoring systems on behalf of industrial and construction clients.  ORTECH has the experience, expertise and resources to design, implement and operate cost effective dust monitoring programs from small fence line studies to large and complex air shed monitoring networks.

Dust Monitoring Plan

It is prudent to develop a plan before initiating any dust monitoring activity. Monitoring plans are required by most jurisdictions and provide an opportunity for the proponent to ensure that any monitoring data collected is an accurate and reliable assessment of the air quality around the construction site.

As a construction estimator, here are the important elements of a monitoring plan that should be included in a quote to your vendors:

  • Objectives of the monitoring program: Why are you monitoring dust is a very important question for a vendor to address. It provides context and allows the vendor to suggest an alternative or creative solution. Always spend time defining this area.
  • Duration of the monitoring program: The length of time is important but also when the program starts. Winter or wet seasons can cause the monitoring solution to change. Provide enough information to be clear about the climate factors.
  • Expected or suspected sources of dust: This will help to identify the type of monitoring equipment or solution required. The classification of dust to be monitored (course, fine o ultrafine) will probably be government mandated, but if it is not clear, some investigations may be required.

Technical Experience:  ORTECH staff has extensive technical expertise and direct practical experience in design, commissioning and operation of fixed and mobile air monitoring stations to meet regulatory requirements as well as in support of public relation requirements.  These stations contain various types of state of science continuous and non-continuous air monitoring equipment chosen carefully to satisfy the customer’s regulatory requirements or other needs.  ORTECH’s specialty staff in Sarnia and Mississauga has maintained a vast network of air monitoring instruments measuring an array of parameters ranging from traditional pollutants (e.g., sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides) to specific volatile organic compounds and respirable particulates (PM2.5) for many years.

Extensive Industry Experience: For over 60 years, ORTECH has operated an ongoing comprehensive ambient air monitoring network in the vicinity of the Sarnia petrochemical complex for the Sarnia Lambton Environmental Association (SLEA).  Continuous measurements are routinely conducted for the common air pollutants (SO2, NOX, O3, HC, TRS, PM2.5), meteorological parameters (WS, WD, T°, RH) and other airborne constituents (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes), using both commercially available and custom designed analyzers within this seven-station network.  A BAM-1020 monitor is utilized to measure real-time PM2.5 levels on an hourly basis.  The monitors are periodically updated to the newest technologies, are remotely calibrated and real-time data are telemetered to the participating SLEA industries.  A web-based data system has also been implemented for access to specific parameters.  A brief list of some clients familiar with ORTECH ambient monitoring services include:


  1. ORTECH has over 60 years of experience in high tech ambient air monitoring of industrial facilities and hazardous landfills. ORTECH also operates the on-going long-term 24/7 air shed monitoring program of the Sarnia Lambton Environmental Association in Sarnia, Ontario; one of the largest and most complex industrial air shed monitoring programs in North America.
  2. ORTECH has both the trained staff and technical knowledge to create a cost effective solution that meets all the requirements of the Dust Management and Requirements Plan.  ORTECH will not require the use of sub consultants to complete this work.
  3. ORTECH is truly independent.  In our experience, external stakeholders will appreciate and recognize the expertise and level of independence that ORTECH provides.    

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