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Why Us?

Our experience leads to the right answer, right away with our results/reports/reviews including a path forward. ORTECH has two mission statements.  First, a promise to deliver. Second, provide practical advice to remove compliance off your “to-do” list.


Our services include independent testing, permitting, monitoring, analyzing and auditing services related to:

*   Air Quality compliance,
*   Environmental oversight,
*   GHG Emission management,
*   Energy Project risks.


First, we Educate you on the risks, so you understand the implications of inaction vs. action.  Then, we Plan the project, so your individual needs are an integral part of the process.  Finally, we Execute our plan and deliver the results, either through audit / emission / testing reports, compliance applications or due diligence reviews.




Air Quality / Emission / GHG Reporting & Consulting

  • 40+ years of experience
  • One of the largest emission testing teams in Canada
  • Environmental Compliance Approval and Environmental Activity Sector Registry specialists
  • Greenhouse Gas "GHG" inventory, testing, and reporting specialists
  • Over 1200 permitting projects since 1999
  • Leaders in odour assessment for +30 years
  • Air quality monitoring for over 50 years
  • Expertise in peer review and due diligence

Renewable Energy and Power Consulting

  • Due Diligence / Audit Specialists (Solar, Wind,  Renewable Natural Gas and Energy Storage)
  • Technical support with developer mindset
  • Over 1000 solar projects in past 5 years
  • Resource Assessment specialists
  • Engineers who speak "Finance"
  • Energy storage assessment experts
  • Net Metering with Solar specialists
  • Behind the Meter Generation experts