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Limin Sun, Senior Project Manager, Compliance and Permitting, EPt, M.Eng

Contact Information:

Email: lsun@ortech.ca
Phone: 905 822 4120 x652


  • Masters in Environmental Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, China 1998

  • Evaluated by WES Canada as equivalent to a Canadian Master’s Degree

Profile: Areas of Expertise:

Leo is an experienced EA and due diligence specialist, having completed 60+ EAs on complex projects on schedule, all approved by competent agencies, 6 bankable environmental and social assessments as per IFC performance standards and corporate requirements for oil and gas and mining companies.  He has performed 100+ environmental due diligence for multinational clients in various industries globally, acting as an environmental consultant, and has also conducted environmental and social related credit risk review of 150+ financial deals, acting as an environmental risk manager.  Leo has been extensively involved in public consultation, agency and aboriginal consultations for five Class EAs for hydro power projects, and a Class EA report of a hydro power project.

  • Contributed to zero (0) loss rate funding by conducting environmental due diligence of 150+ financial transactions, including bio-mass, hydro, wind and solar, based on the review of environmental assessments, site inspection, consultations and interviews;

  • Saved 30% environmental review time by improving environmental review procedures and enforcing communications procedures;

  • Organized 15 EHS trainings to various functions, including sales, risk underwriting, operation, and legal counsel;

  • Conducted three Environmental Assessments for Total in 2008 to 2012, including project management, public consultation and quality product delivered on time and on budget;

  • Chevron sour gas project in 2007 to 2012, including the screening, environmental due diligence, and environmental assessment;

  • Managed 20+ environmental assessments of complex projects in various sectors, including oil and gas, mining, chemical and power, all approved by relevant authorities;

  • Key clients include Total, Chevron, Shell, Genzyme and PetroChina;

  • Managed 30+ environmental assessments in various industries approved by relevant authorities;

  • Prepared proposals, working plans, monitoring, public consultations and environmental assessment reports;

  • Completed 10+ environmental due diligence and compliance audit assessments;

  • Implement US ASTM standards and local regulatory requirements;

  • Provided 10+ technical trainings sessions.