ORTECH has Energy Storage experience!

ORTECH has been at the forefront of Energy Storage in Canada; even so much as to be one of the founding members of Energy Storage Ontario, the only provincial or federal energy storage association in Canada at this time.  The following are a sample of ORTECH's project:

Multiple Clients including Northwater Capital: ORTECH offers a due diligence technology review product.  While the detailed scope of this review depends on the stage of development of the technology, it generally consists of reviewing technical reports and witnessing of tests conducted on demonstration units.  ORTECH has also performed high-level fatal flaw analysis of these technologies including consideration of permitting issues, market rules and structure.  ORTECH has conducted this type of review for energy storage systems using the following technologies:

  • Hydrogen Electrolyzer,
  • Flywheel,
  • Subterranean Compressed Air, and
  • Underwater Compressed Air.

Infrastructure Ontario (“IO”): IO manages over 6000 buildings in Ontario, including Northern Ontario, for the Province. ORTECH was engaged to investigate and report on the current state of the energy storage industry, including potential future developments, and how energy storage technologies can best be integrated into IO’s real estate portfolio. The primary objectives were to provide background information on energy storage technologies, their applications and benefits, to develop business case studies of applications of energy storage in IO buildings, and to provide recommendations on how best to pilot energy storage solutions in those buildings. The Technology reviewed for this project was mostly battery centric.

NRStor Inc.: ORTECH provided development support for a proposed very large scale energy storage facility.  Our scope included siting assistance including prospecting for connection points and interfacing with the IESO on a Feasibility Study, detailed analysis of Ontario’s electricity market to determine the effect of the addition of a large amount of bulk grid scale storage and participation in presentations to the Ontario Energy Board, OPA, IESO, and other potential investors.  ORTECH has provided assistance with developing proposals for energy storage RFPs in Ontario and Hawaii for projects using flywheels, lithium-ion batteries, molten salt batteries and redox flow batteries.  Our scope included developing detailed financial modelling including detailed operations and maintenance costing and plans. Also, ORTECH conducted a study on incorporating storage with a small wind farm in Nova Scotia in order to optimize energy injected to the grid with a constrained interconnection.

Oshawa Hydro: Assisted this Local Distribution Company with responding to two provincial agency RFPs:  IESO and the now merged OPA.  The battery technology is confidential but ORTECH provided support in evaluating the sites and technologies for each bid.  Financial Modelling was also a component of the engagement.

Confidential Client:  Siting assistance for a developer looking to optimize their portfolio of energy storage projects awarded contracts under a recent energy storage RFP.  Our scope included prospecting for host sites including buildings and industrial facilities where energy storage could be deployed. The award was based on this client using battery storage solutions.

European Debt Provider:  ORTECH provided risk management technical services to this Client related to the potential debt financing of an Independent Electricity System Operator’s (“IESO’s”) awarded energy storage project.   The technology consists of flywheel and battery. 

US Energy Storage Provider:   ORTECH provided risk management and technical services to the Client related to participating in a US Department of Energy (“DOE”) program for Energy Storage Projects.  The loan guarantee program requires an independent engineers report on various technical and financial aspects of the project.   The project reviewed was 40MW in size and located in California.

Canadian Debt Provider: ORTECH provided risk management technical services to the Client related to the potential debt financing of a 4 MW energy storage battery facility to be installed and operated under the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (“IESO’s”) Energy Storage Procurement program. 


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