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Mike Santavy, Principal, Ambient Air and Water Quality, B.Sc.


Contact Information:
Email: ortech@ortechsarnia.ca
Phone: 519.336.3327

Profile: Areas of Expertise:

Mike Santavy, B.Sc. is the Principal of ORTECH Consulting Inc’s Ambient Air and Water Quality team in Sarnia. Mike has over 20 years of experience in environmental management systems, auditing, assurance, and safety and operational risk arenas. 

Before joining ORTECH, Mike launched his career with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment where he worked in abatement and co-ordinated bi-national remediation projects. Progressing his skills and experience, Mike joined BP Canada, where he spearheaded BP Canada’s first ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System at the Sarnia and Windsor facilities, which was then utilized company-wide in Canada.  He moved through the ranks of BP to ultimately becoming the Director of Downstream Deployed Assurance, Safety and Operations Risk. His expertise and commitment to management systems and risk mitigation in the petrochemical, oil and gas industry has allowed him to be recognized as a strong leader and decision-maker, with a passion for safety culture.

Mike graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Geology from Brock University and continued professional training throughout his career in the areas of Process Safety Management, Auditing and Business Leadership.