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Peter Piersol, Senior Project Manager, Compliance & Permitting, B.Sc.

Contact Information:

Email:       ppiersol@ortech.ca
Phone:     905 822 4120 x 545


B.A.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, University of Toronto

Profile: Areas of Expertise:

Over 30 years experience in air quality assessment, air emission permitting, ambient air quality monitoring, indoor air quality, occupational exposure assessment and health and safety programs.

  • Development of site-wide emission inventories for various industries and institutions, including hot-mix asphalt plants, surface coating operations, ready-mix concrete plants, natural gas-fired power generation, automotive parts manufacturing, plastics extrusion operations, and organic waste composting facilities.
  • Preparation and submission of Emission Summary & Dispersion Modelling Reports in support of
  • Environmental Compliance Approvals – Air & Noise applications and amendments for various types of industries and operations.
  • Preparation and submission of regulatory annual toxic substance emissions and release reports for NPRI, O. Reg. 127 and Toronto ChemTRAC.
  • Preparation and client assistance and guidance for Toxic Substance Reduction plans.
  • Evaluation of odour emission sources, the assessment of odour emission air dispersion and community odour impacts.
  • Evaluation and assessment of fugitive dust emissions and impacts from aggregate handling and processing.
  • Provide expert testimony in air emission monitoring and emissions estimations, odour assessment and control, and work exposure assessment.
  • Prepares and provides expert advice and peer review on land use zoning issues.
  • Manage and implement corporate health and safety programs.
  • Conduct indoor air quality testing for LEEDs certification credits.
  • Over 20 technical papers and presentations on pollution control, emissions assessment, occupational hygiene and indoor air quality.