ORTECH has the ability to test and analyze Sulfur.

Sulfur is a big air quality issues for many industries. Our laboratories also specialize in the detailed analysis of reduced sulfur compounds in samples from various industrial facilities where they may be responsible for odour complaints and in fuel gas samples where they may be added as odorants.

Reduced sulfur compounds are frequently responsible for odour complaints from facilities such as sewage treatment plants, steel works, pulp & paper mills, and composting.  Some of these compounds are added to natural gas, which otherwise has no odour, so that dangerous leaks can be detected by odour.  ORTECH can collect air samples and analyze them in the laboratory for a series of reduced sulfur compounds which include hydrogen sulfide, carbon disulfide, mercaptans, organic sulfides and thiophenes.  Portable field analyzers for hydrogen sulfide analysis are also available.  In many cases the emissions of reduced sulfur compounds can be correlated with odour emissions and the potential for odour complaints assessed.

ORTECH is skilled in testing and analyzing sulfur and sulfur compounds with a full range of services including Natural Gas Analysis, Odour Assessments, Emissions Testing and Ambient Air Monitoring. ORTECH's laboratory services can identify and quantify sulfur compounds.

ORTECH has extensive experience testing for sulfur in the following industries:

  • Sewers and Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Petrochemical Refineries
  • Odorants of Liquid Propane
  • Odorants of Natural Gas
  • Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Composting Facilities
  • Livestock Activities
  • Steel Mill Production

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